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2 T R Academy – Soccer Simplified!

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Typically when we talk to parents they have 4 main concerns about participating in football:

  1. “..my child doesn’t seem to get any time on the ball and is not involved in the game for long periods..”

  2. “..I feel it’s club centric rather than child centric, its competitive to the point of no fun..”

  3. “..we constantly need to sacrifice family time at the weekends to either get to training or matches..”

  4. “..we simply can’t get a place at a community club or my son cant break into the team..”

At the 2 Touch Rulz football academies we :

  1. “..guarantee kids of all ages full participation in the game by virtue of the game rules..”

  2. “..the kids are our clients and therefore our coaching has been specifically designed to improve the individual child’s technique and collective team play..”

  3. “..the 2 Touch Rulz academies are run after school during the week..”

  4. “..we are adding new academies and access points constantly and embrace all levels of ability..”

The 2TR academy is designed to provide a fun and friendly pathway for young people into football. The nature of 2 Touch Rulz football allows boys and girls to play together and learn to work together in a positive and supported system of football development.  The 2TR academy focusses on developing the technical capabilities of young players, using our globally recognised (and patented) small sided game as the core component to simplifying the world’s favourite game. Complemented by Our Mind and Play™ programme which focusses on team work development, trust building and communication.

All the skills developed for 2 Touch Rulz football directly benefit 5/7/9/11 a-side football, the 2 Touch Rulz football game was designed specifically to create smaller incremental steps to all the techniques and processes needed for the larger sided football game.  2 Touch Rulz is the perfect partner to community club football or pro academy football. In addition to developing our in house young players, we work with a huge number of schools, community clubs and academies to hone the skills of their young players, giving them the edge in this highly competitive environment.

The 2TR system dramatically improves a player’s first touch, movement, shooting accuracy and speed of decision making. Regardless of a person’s ability we can tune a player to make them efficient and valued in any team, veterans of our system are able to return to the game after long periods away and still be highly efficient and useful on the pitch using the basic principles that the 2TR system instils.

You never get lost in the crowd in the 2TR academy as our proprietary development system tracks skill development at the individual player member level. Player members and parents can log into to our secure member extranet to track their individual progress 24/7.  Our system is fully dynamic and is used by our coaches in the field who update it in real time so you always have an up to date view of you or your child’s development.

The 2TR academy has an inbuilt reward system that continually motivates young player members to achieve new goals. This is delivered in concert with tailored encouragement from our highly qualified coaching team.  We believe the balance of both human and system driven encouragement provides our young members with a real advantage, they are never waiting to be star of the week or player of the month, the young players are continually supported, motivated and positively reinforced.

The 2TR academy was also designed to increase the accessibility of football to busy families who value crucial family time or just recuperating time at the weekend. In this regard all the 2TR academies train after school and similarly play matches or competitions after school. By focussing our system within the constraints of Monday to Friday after school, we keep your weekends free. Similarly we rarely overlap with club football training or match playing.

The 2TR academy also runs invitation based Elite Development Centres, if a member shows promise or the desire to move onto the pro level, our Elite Development Centre Programme is just for you. The player member will be trained/honed over 6 sessions by UEFA Level Pro Coaches to specifically show the types of skills currently en-vogue in the pro academy environments. 

The Elite Development Centre programme culminates with a showcase session, where we invite pro academy scouts to attend and view the young players. From there a player member may be selected to attend a pro club development centre or receive further advice from the pro club scouts.