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2TR Refereeing Course

Refereeing a 2 Touch Rulz match requires a considerable amount of concentration, fitness, awareness and situational preparedness.

The 2TR refereeing course aims to provide you with a solid understanding of the “2 Touch Rulz” football game rules and how to apply them.  In addition how these rules scale to the full sided game and how to simplify them for briefing existing football players that are new to 2 Touch Rulz.

Refereeing a football match of any type requires a number of skills that have little to do with football, qualities and skills like the following, calmness/cool, control, understanding, conflict resolution, de-escalation and gate keeper management.  The 2TR Refereeing course will provide you with a set of learned tools and strategies for dealing with even the most competitive of games.

Throughout the duration of the course we simulate a variety of real game situations that both illustrate and inform the trainee referees as to the types of challenges they will face.  This also provides the trainees with the opportunity to test and hone the skills learned on the course.

Throughout the course there are a number of real time assessments that provide the opportunity to exchange feedback and guide the trainees to success as 2 Touch Rulz referees.  The course culminates with a final assessment that trainees have to pass to complete the course and gain the 2TR referee certification.

The 2TR course - 50% Theory and 50% practical

•    Introduction to history of the game

•    2 Touch Rulz overview (How it relates to the full sided game)

•    Laws & 2TR Rulz

•    Duties and decisions

•    How to deal with match situations e.g. injuries, supporters, club officials etc.

•    Discipline and record keeping

•    Final assessment

•    Practical involves

•    Refereeing matches that simulate all 2TR Football game situations and referees are practically assessed