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About 2 Touch Rulz Football Game

The 2 Touch Rulz football game has been designed from the ground up to develop young players of all abilities.  The game dynamics limit advantages like individual skill, physicality and mental maturity.  Whilst embracing and leveraging team work, communication and work rate. 

The game has been built recognising two distinct pillars, football development and mental development.  This has allowed us to create an extremely compelling, exciting and competitive football game that understands a young players mental capabilities, growing in incremental steps that are easily consumed understood and mastered.

From a football perspective we felt that the English game lacked some of the technical maturity evident of some of our global cousins.  With that in mind we have embraced and integrated development styles that have yielded great success in Spain, Germany, Holland and Brazil. 

The common and persistent development themes included:
•    Small sided approach
•    Tight area short game
•    1, 2 and 3 Touch
•    First touch dimensions
•    Team tempo shifting (sometimes called intensity shifting)
•    Cell/Hive work

We have taken virtually all aspects of the full sided football game (5/7/9/11 a-side) and recreated them on a smaller scale, also breaking down major components like set piece and specialist work (corners, free kicks and penalties) into skills that can be mastered in a small way and then built up as the young players grow. 

An example of this would be that we wouldn’t ask a six year old to take a corner from the corner of a 5 a-side pitch, in most cases they are physically incapable of delivering the ball from that distance.  We take into account their physical capabilities and move the corner taking position to a more achievable distance, we also break down how to strike the ball for a corner, building from a flick, to a chip into a fully-fledged corner.

Our mental pillar recognises that young players are growing and learning new skills at an almost exponential rate, any parent can tell who the younger and older kids are in a school year and it’s not always about physical size.  A Summer baby will have to work twice as hard as an Autum baby in the same school year to achieve the same results.  Children rarely develop at persistent rates, they leap, stall and then leap again.

We feel we have developed our game with an understanding of both the physical and mental capability of young players at the varying stages of their formative years.  By limiting teams to 4 a side we reduce the complexity of the game, less players on the pitch means less decisions that have to be made, keeping the game simple and fun. 

We technically train as we play, we embed skills development into games, avoiding the disconnect created by training and then playing.  We limit consecutive ball touches to 2, again simplifying what anyone has to do with the ball, players receive the ball and pass or shoot. 

Teamwork is absolutely essential for success in 2 Touch Rulz, regardless of your technical ability, age, size or sex everyone in the team will need you to work for the team.  This gives us a great platform to develop communication skills and the positive reinforcement evidenced between players.  We empower the young players with a positive vocabulary that lift players and teams.

2 Touch Rulz is a great game with a wide appeal that acts as a great partner or alternative to club football.  2 Touch Rulz develops all players regardless of ability, improving efficiency, productivity, inclusion, touch, communication and decision making.  Come and try it!


2 Touch Rulz Football

The 2TR Football game has been designed by 3-2-WON LTD, a team of highly experienced coaches with extensive experience in young player development. The programme never stands still and is in constant evolution, we are committed to innovation and moving the game forward. We remain vigilant in world football, always looking for breaking success and emerging techniques. We work proactively with the FA, the PFA and Top Pro Club academies to make sure our technical DNA programme is at the leading edge of football development.

2 Touch Rulz Football was designed specifically to simplify football. Helping young players to focus on core football skill development without the burden of lots of players, lots of confusion and lots of rules. The game develops both players and teams by incremental steps that will lead to individual player and team success. All skills used in 2 Touch Rulz football directly support and develop the skills players will need for 5/7/9/11 a side football...veterans of the system benefit from a set of skills that are transferrable to any sport and virtually all areas of life.